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At Crossroads Bible Church, our very name is indicative of who we are. We live at the crossroads of the world, Panamá. We are a local gathering of God's people. And the Bible, our middle name, is the basis of everything we do.

Crossroads is an interdenominational church. We have people from many different Christian denominations who are a part of our church family. We believe that there are a few key doctrinal issues that cannot be compromised, and that there are many issues of faith and practice where the Bible leaves room for differences of opinion. We want to be a church where people from many different Christian backgrounds appreciate each other,care for each other, learn from each other and help each other become more like Jesus.


Crossroads is an independent church. We have no formal affiliation with any particular denomination or organization. We are self-governing and self-sustaining. The members of the church choose the leaders (pastors, elders, and deacons), approve the church budget, and provide all the finances necessary for the church to carry out its mission.

Crossroads is a multicultural, bilingual church. We have people from many different countries and cultures who are a part of our church family. Our Sunday services are held in Spanish at 8:15 am, and English at 11:15am with simultaneous translation into Spanish. Other ministries such as Sunday School classes, small groups, and Bible studies are carried out separately in either English or Spanish.

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