Sundays: 10 - 11am


Kids Kindergarten - 5th Grade 


The Children´s ministry exists to serve families 

by assisting them in raising their children to be totally committed followers of Jesus. 



To see the kids of CBC develop a passion for God, impacting their worlds for Christ. 


Core Values  

We believe passion for God can only come from a direct encounter with God. Our role is to facilitate divine encounters  

and train kids for intimate relationship with Jesus. That´s why we focus all our programs around:


Interacting with, loving, serving, and receiving from fellow believers


Offering our lives as living sacrifices to God through song, play, creative expression, service, and obedience.

Bible Study:

Memorizing, studying, questioning, praying over, and listening to the Scriptures as the written word of God. 


Engaging in active discussion with God, listening and talking to God, and actively seeking His heart for the world. 

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